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9. THUAN HAI CORPORATION 17 16 SUPPLYING OPERATION SERVICE Thuan Hai Corporation takes over systems of steam boiler, heat transfer oil boiler and hot gas generator from the factory; improves and upgrades existing systems to increase boiler efficiency and operation stability; supply the operators and monitoring system (PLC, SCADA, camera system and 24/7 supervisors) to ensure steam & heat supply as the factory’s requirements. Moreover, Thuan Hai Corporation supplies fuel, collects ash & residue from the boiler and ensure that flue gas complies with the latest standard of government. Over 45 plants with total capacity: 2,500 ton of steam/hour, 200 Million kcal/hour Experience:

12. THUAN HAI CORPORATION 23 22 Steam boiler : 15 ton/hour Hot gas generator : 5 Million kcal/hour Fuel : Coal Dust filter : Multi-Cyclone + Wet Scrubber Control system : PLC & Scada Start operation : Since 2015 Steam boiler : 25 & 30 ton/hour/boiler Thermal oil boiler : 4.8 & 16 Million kcal/hour/boiler Fuel : Coal & Wood-chip Dust filter : Multi-Cyclone + Bag Filter Control system : PLC & Scada Start operation : Since 2012 KNAUF VIETNAM SAMIL VINA


8. THUAN HAI CORPORATION 15 14 Thuan Hai Corporation invests in systems of steam boiler, heat transfer oil boiler, hot gas generator as factory demand, always selects the appropriate system to ensure the sufficient and continuous steam & heat supply to the factory and complies with environment & safety standards. Moreover, Thuan Hai Corporation flexibly utilizes various fuel sources according to the availability of local supply such as coal, rice husk, wood chip, baggase, palm kernel shell... to optimize customer’s cost. BOILER SYSTEM ELECTRIC SUPPLY RICE HUSK PELLET SUPPLYING STEAM & HEAT, ELECTRICITY

3. THUAN HAI CORPORATION 5 4 MISSION Build and execute operation system safely as well as efficiently to serve the energy industry and become a trustworthy enterprise to onshore and offshore partners. VISION Build up and promote Thuan Hai Corporation brand as a trust worthy fuel and energy supplier in the local market and step by step expand its business to other countries in Southeast Asia. CORE VALUES Service and product quality lay the foundations of sustainable development; business is companion with community, society value and environmental friendliness.

13. THUAN HAI CORPORATION Head office: 10 th Floor - Vinamilk Tower No.10, Tan Trao Street, Tan Phu Ward, Dist 7, Ho Chi Minh City Tel: +84-28.54 176777 - 54 178777-54 179777 | Fax: +84-28.54 175777 THUAN HAI PHILIPPINES CORPORATION Head office: Unit OS-4B, 2 nd floor Providence Building, 55 Annapolis St. Greenhills, San Juan City, Metro Manila, Philippines. Tel: +63-2-515-9320 Email:

2. THUAN HAI CORPORATION 3 2 Dear shareholders, partners and customers! Throughout its history, Thuan Hai Corporation has continuously made efforts to build Thuan Hai Corporation into a solid, strustworthy and experienced brand name in the field of supplying fuel, energy and operation services in order to bring more economic efficiency and cost saving to customer. Aware of the importance of human resource, Thuan Hai Corporation constantly emphasizes on building the close-knit environment and making the uninamity of entire staff as general development. As a result, its sales has increased steadily over the years, named Thuan Hai Corporation as the leading enterprise in supplying steam, heat and imported fuel in Vietnam. As the tendency of integration and development, Thuan Hai Corporation will strive further for making a breakthrough in sales of 10,000 billion VND in 2025 and become the largest supplier of steam & heat in Vietnam, then expand our business to South East Asia countries. On behalf of Thuan Hai Corporation, I sincerely thank for the companionship of all our valued shareholders, members, partners, customers and employees. Wish you health and success. Sincerely, Chairwoman DUONG THI MY LINH MESSAGE FROM CHAIRWOMAN As our general development, Thuan Hai Corporation constantly emphasizes on building the close-knit environment and making the uninamity of entire staff.

11. THUAN HAI CORPORATION 21 20 AJINOMOTO VIET NAM HYOSUNG VINA Steam boiler : 4 sets of 30 ton/hour/boiler Fuel : Rice husk pellet, wood-chip and palm kernel shell (PKS) Dust filter : Multi-Cyclone + Bag Filter Control system : PLC & Scada Start operation : Since 2014 Steam boiler : 05 sets of 20 – 30 ton/hour/boiler Fuel : Coal & Wood-chip Dust filter : Multi-Cyclone + Wet Scrubber Control system : PLC & Scada Start operation : Since 2013

5. THUAN HAI CORPORATION 9 8 ORGANIZATIONAL STRUCTURE AFFILIATES MARTECH BOILER COMPANY Established in 1993 in HCMC Martech specializes in manufacturing and trading all kinds of boilers and pressure equipments. To adapt to local fuel sources, Martech has been developing various kinds of boiler which are suitable for coal, wood chips, sawdust, rice WAREHOUSE SECTION OFFICE SECTION PROJECT SECTION PLANNING AND INVESTMENT DEPT. PURCHASING DEPT. TECHNICAL DEPT. PRODUCTION DEPT. SALES AND MARKETING DEPT. HEALTH-SAFE-ENVIRONMENT “HSE” DEPT. QUALITY CONTROL DEPT. QUALITY CONTROL DEPT. HUMAN RESOURCES DEPT. QUALITY ASSURANCE DEPT. MAINTENANCE DEPT. WAREHOUSE ACCOUNTING - FINANCE DEPT. CONSTRUCTION DEPT. OPERATION DEPT. ADMINISTRATION BOARD OF MANAGEMENT BOARD OF DIRECTOR husks, nut shells, coffee pulp, bagasse, paper waste, biogas, natural gas (CNG), liquefied petroleum gas (LPG)... Martech Boiler constantly improves its technology to enhance productivity, reduce pollution by advanced combustion principles and flue gas treatment systems.

4. THUAN HAI CORPORATION 7 6 MOTTO Choosing fuel and energy supply as core business; expanding business activities based on specific strengths, cooporating with prestigious onshore and offshore partners and putting product quality on top to maintain sustainable development. DEVELOPMENT GOALS Thuan Hai Corporation has been aiming towards a conglomerate, ensuring sustainability and internal mutual support. MID-TERM AND LONG-TERM STRATEGY In the middle-run, Thuan Hai Corporation continuously develops its current products and services into the optimal cost tendency for customer. In the long-run, Thuan Hai Corporation aims to the solutions not only offering the optimal cost for customer but also primarily utilizing renewable engery for environmental friendliness. HISTORY IN BRIEF 1993 2015 2020 2017 2010 Martech Boiler Company Thuan Hai Corporation Revenue: $70 Million Coal imported: 800,000 ton Revenue: $200 Million Coal imported: 3.0 million ton Revenue: $119 Million Coal imported: 1.3 million ton TARGET

10. THUAN HAI CORPORATION 19 18 COMMITMENT SOCIETY - COMMUNITY SERVICES Corporation is always aware that commercial production activities and society - community services are two inseparable parts that jointly form the path to sustainable development of the company. Therefore, besides endlessly striving to reach business goals set by the Board of Directors, Thuan Hai Corporation is also aiming towards building civil corporate traditions through practical contribution to community - society, taking part in building a responsible, humane and sharing society. HEALTH - SAFETY - ENVIRONMENT (HSE) Throughout operation, Thuan Hai Corporation always commits to comply with the regulations on Health - Safety - Environment, minimizes all the effect to air and water sources... Implement coaching and responding quickly to urgent situations which can happen in working process. Beside that, Thuan Hai Corporation always raises vigilance, takes the issue of ensuring employees’s Safety - Health in priority on the path to sustainable development of the company in the future. TYPICAL PROJECTS KNAUF VIETNAM SAMIL VINA HYOSUNG VINA AJINOMOTO VIET NAM

7. THUAN HAI CORPORATION 13 12 SUPPLYING FUEL Biomass Coal Proud of being the first imported coal supplier in Vietnam, Thuan Hai Corporation cooperated with large coal mines in Indonesia, Australia, ensure stable quality and sharp increase of imported coal demand. Furthermore, the characteristic of imported coal is suitable for the boiler system of industry and thermal power plants being built in Vietnam recently thanks to high volatile matter and low sulphur content. Recently, Thuan Hai Corporation has developed the nation-wide retail market with coal supplied to the market is 150,000 tons/month. Parameter ASTM Standard Value Total moisture (%) ARB 12 - 35 Ash content (%) ADB 5 - 10 Volatile matter (%) ADB 25 - 45 Gross Calorific Value (Kcal/kg) ADB 5,500 - 6,700 Total sulfur (%) ADB 0.3 - 0.8 Utilizing agricultural residue due to high renewability and the variety of supply such as rice husk, wood chip, sawdust, baggase, palm kernel shell..., Thuan Hai Corporation collects and distributes to its own projects and other customers who have demand on Biomass fuel. The customers have a tend to concern about this fuel thank to its high economic and environmental friendliness. Thuan Hai Corporation has used Biofuel in the boilers with the capacity of 20,000 ton/month. Parameter ASTM Standard Value Total moisture (%) ARB 10 - 40 Ash content (%) ADB 2 - 15 Volatile matter (%) ADB 70 - 80 Gross Calorific Value (Kcal/kg) ADB 3,000 - 4,500 Total sulfur (%) ADB 0.1 Max



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